"The Knuckleball Now's show was its usual continual explosion of madly intersecting tangents, the ideas flying so fast and furious it was as though they were operating as one schizoid brain...." - AUSTIN CHRONICLE


Out of Bounds Fest Thursday 8/28 @ HIDEOUT THEATRE - 10pm


The is nothing more rewarding or important then being in the moment, the here and NOW. It is where the past yields into the future. While the past can't be changed and the future is nothing more than a dangling carrot that is never actually reached, the NOW is all we have to work with... your body is there, but is your mind?

Well, that is where you will find THE KNUCKLEBALL NOW. Yes, we are an Improv Comedy troupe based in Austin... but first and foremost, TKN is a philosophy, an energy and a way of thinking. Its all about HAVING FUN with fearless enthusiasm. It's having an unwavering faith in each other, where the brain synapses are in sync, and there is a connection through chaos.